Today, we're excited to announce that Ethos, a leading Universal Wallet & Blockchain Service Provider, has officially joined Voyager.

By combining Voyager’s state-of-the-art crypto trading technology with Ethos’ robust self-custody solution for storing, sending, and receiving assets, we bring to the market a truly integrated, all-in-one crypto solution.

The Ethos Universal Wallet has become one of the most trusted and respected wallets in the crypto space. The software will be integrated into the Voyager's retail and institutional businesses, allowing customers to self-custody their crypto assets while seamlessly integrating them with a brokerage solution for efficient trading. Our partnership will offer both retail and institutional crypto investors unparalleled liquidity, speed, and security.

Not only are we bringing best execution crypto trading and advanced custody under one roof, but we are also joining forces to reimagine the way financial institutions operate in a digital world. With Ethos Bedrock, an enterprise blockchain application, we strengthen our institutional offering, allowing businesses of all types to build blockchain-based applications rooted in custody, payments, investing, and more.

I’m excited to announce that Shingo Lavine, Founder and current CEO of Ethos, will be joining Voyager as Chief Blockchain Officer. He will maintain a seat on Voyager’s Board of Directors, helping us shape the future of our company.  Ethos is Shingo’s brainchild, and under his direction, Ethos has brought two world-class products to the market, the Universal Wallet and Bedrock. He is a globally recognized expert and thought leader in the crypto and blockchain industries, and Voyager will benefit significantly from his experience and ideas.

(To learn more about Shingo and how he built Ethos from his dorm room at Brown University, read our Q&A with him here).

Since our partnership was announced in October, we’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Ethos’ engaged and captive community that spans hundreds of thousands of crypto enthusiasts around the globe. We’re proud to welcome the entire Ethos network and are excited to bring a long-anticipated fiat gateway to the community later this year.

What’s Next?

The potential for Voyager’s customers and shareholders is stronger than ever before. Over the coming months, our two teams will be working hard to integrate our people, resources, technologies, and strategic plans resulting in new products, services, and an overall enhancement of the Voyager offering.

In the near term, it’s “business as usual” for our now larger company. We remain committed to delivering on our roadmap, which includes enhanced trading and custody features, along with a fiat gateway for Ethos Universal Wallet users. We will work hard to address questions arising from both communities.

Voyager and Ethos share the joint vision of a financial system that is open, safe, and fair for everyone. We believe that crypto is the future, and together we’re building the infrastructure to support and drive mass adoption.

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This post has been updated to represent its actual publishing date of 2/28/19.