Our team has been working steadfast towards this exciting update since the day we launched Voyager. Our customers have been vocal about their desire to transfer crypto in and out of their Voyager account for trading, and we’re proud to announce that deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin and Ethereum are now live with the release of our 2.0 update.

This update also includes limit orders on additional coins, increased deposit limits for established traders, and general improvements to our pricing algorithm.

Keep reading to learn more!

Crypto Deposits and Withdrawals:

You asked, we delivered! Customers can now deposit and withdraw Bitcoin and Ethereum from the Voyager app.

To transfer BTC and ETH into your Voyager account, connect your crypto wallet address and insert the amount of each asset you want deposit. Use your BTC and ETH to trade any of our 20 (and growing) crypto assets.

The nature of Bitcoin and Ethereum means transfers into your Voyager account happen nearly instantly, unlike fiat from your bank account. Deposit as much or as little BTC and ETH as you want and trade without delay.

When you’re ready to move your Bitcoin or Ethereum off Voyager, simply transfer it to the address of your choice. Use your crypto to pay merchants, friends or move it to another wallet

All assets traded on Voyager will be available for deposits and withdrawals soon! Stay tuned...

Limit Orders for Additional Assets

In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, you can now place limit orders on BSV, ETC, XRP, and ZEC. Set a buy or sell limit order and we’ll execute it for you if and when it hits your limit or a more favorable price. With this feature, you’ll never miss a major market move again!

Learn more about limit orders on Voyager here.

Instant Deposits for Active Traders

Before today, all traders on the Voyager app could only deposit $5,000 a day (or until their bank cleared their transaction) for instant trading. Now, once a user has established a successful deposit history, we will increase their instant trading limit.

Limit increases will be done on a person-by-person basis, and there is no set increase schedule for users.

Improved Pricing

We’ve made general fixes to our pricing algorithm to help Voyager customer’s access a more accurate and holistic view of the market. This update will help us find even better pricing for you across the crypto market.

What’s Next for Voyager?

After this update, we are back to the grind, working on new features and releases including crypto deposits and withdrawals for more coins and the Android app release later this year. We'll also be looking to add even more assets trading. Stay tuned!

Onward & upward. Bon Voyage!