To show our appreciation to the Voyager community and to prepare for our upcoming token swap, we have some exciting news to share.

Voyager Token 7% Interest

Starting May 1st, interest on the Voyager Token will be increased from 5% to 7% APR to reflect the upcoming staking soon to be available on VGX once the token swap commences.

If you hold the minimum average balance of 500 Voyager Tokens (VGX) in the Voyager App, you will automatically receive 7% APR interest at the end of each month.

Lower Minimums for 1% Interest Booster

We’ve officially lowered the requirement to earn an additional 1% APR boost on USDC, Bitcoin, and Ethereum from holding 10,000 VGX to 2,500 VGX. With this 75% decrease, more VGX token holders will now be eligible to qualify for the additional 1% boost.

Once the Voyager Loyalty Program (VLP) is live, the interest booster will be directly linked to your loyalty tier, which is determined by the number of VGX you hold in the Voyager App.

LGO X VGX Token Swap

The audit of the new smart contract is now complete and the certificate has been published by Quantstamp.  The swap ratio between LGO and VGX for the token swap is now finalized. For every  6.53563406190 LGO tokens you swap, you’ll receive 1 VGX.

The Voyager team is actively coordinating with exchange partners to support the token swap. Once our plans are finalized, we will announce the official date and start time as well as more information and instructions on how to participate.

Our team is also building out comprehensive in-app features for the Voyager Loyalty Program so that, once the swap commences, we can introduce its features, benefits and rewards to our loyal community.

Stay tuned as we will continue to provide additional updates. Until then, please enjoy the 7% interest and lowered requirement for the 1% interest booster.

Thank you,
The Voyager Team