Voyager is excited to unveil our new loyalty program & token utility model. We have incorporated our community’s valuable feedback into this revised Loyalty Program. In this blog, we give a visual representation of the program and share how our users can rise through the ranks of the program to receive added benefits and rewards.

After the swap, the token ticker (VGX) will remain the same and continue to be on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Swap Economics

Voyager Token VGX: 1:1
LGO Token to New VGX: 6.53563406190:1
First Year’s Annual Interest: 7%
New Circulating Supply: 222,295,208 for VGX holders
33,196,085 for LGO holders
Growth Pool: 40 MM Tokens Year 1
20 MM Tokens Year 2
10 MM Tokens Years 3–8
Total estimated max supply post year 1: 295,491,293 Token x 7% APR = 316,175,683

Disclaimer: Not all tokens will be swapped. All tokens not swapped within the first year of the swap will be burned.

Voyager's Loyalty Program

The VGX Token Utility Model

Loyalty Program – Token Utility Rewards Explained

  • VGX Interest: All VGX Tokens held on Voyager will automatically earn 7% annual interest yield for the first year. After the first year, the community will be able to vote on future interest yield. VGX token holders without Voyager accounts will be able to stake their tokens via a web-portal that connects to Metamask.
  • Cashback Rewards on Trades: For every trade executed on the Voyager app, our smart order router achieves what is called “price-improvement.” Price improvement means that Voyager scours the market to fill your order, which beats the quoted price in the app. For the Explorer & Navigator tiers, you will receive 2x or 3x the price improvement normally given to customers. This will be paid out in VGX, will be trackable, and will help you climb up the tier ladder by stacking VGX.
  • Cashback Rewards on Debit Card: For every dollar you spend via your Voyager debit card, you will receive cashback rewards in VGX at the percentage relative to your loyalty tier.
  • Debit Card Fee: The Voyager debit card will be free for all loyalty member tiers.
  • Refer-a-Friend/Send-to-a-Friend – VGX Rewards: Depending on your loyalty tier, you will receive additional VGX rewards for each person you refer to the Voyager app. Loyalty program referrers will receive a VGX bonus between $30 and $40 in VGX for each new user they refer. Each person referred will still receive $25 in Bitcoin as a reward for signing up for Voyager, all referrers will receive rewards in VGX.
  • Withdrawal Fee Savings: Loyalty program members will be able to pay for their withdrawal fees in VGX and save up to 30% on all withdrawal fees.
  • Interest Booster: All three tiers, Adventurer, Explorer, and Navigator, will receive an interest boost on select crypto assets, including USDC, Bitcoin, Ethereum and potentially others. VGX is not eligible for the interest boost, and will maintain a flat rate of 7%.
  • Desktop Application: Navigator-level users will receive early access to our desktop application and all Loyalty Program members will have free access.

Token Burn

In an effort to help reduce the circulating supply of tokens, Voyager will introduce a 25% token burn on all VGX used to pay for withdrawal fees on the Voyager app from Voyager Loyalty program members.

Basic Users

All new users or those holding less than 500 VGX Tokens will be automatically enrolled into our Basic-level program. All basic users will receive our base interest rates, as well as earn 7% interest APR on VGX. Basic users will receive $25 in VGX for each friend they refer to Voyager. It’s important to us that every Voyager user, regardless of their reward level, receives amazing benefits for using our platform.

Special Promotions

In addition to the loyalty rewards listed, we will also be running special promotions for Voyager Loyalty Program members. Voyager will offer a wide-variety of surprise opportunities to stack more VGX and maximize your Loyalty Program rewards.

Promotions may include but are not limited to: giveaways, trading bonuses, trading competitions, holiday promotions, and more.

*The Voyager Loyalty Program, terms and qualifications are subject to change.
*Stablecoins buying & trading are not included in promotions.
*Reward payouts, other than Referral bonuses, are deposited out to accounts at the end of each month in VGX.

Future Features

In the future, Voyager will launch new features such as the Voyager debit card, margin trading, and more. As we introduce new features to the Voyager platform, we will continually incentivize Loyalty Program customers by creating reward opportunities powered by VGX.

How the Voyager Token Swap Works

3 Ways to Swap Your Tokens

  1. Voyager Customers: If you already have a Voyager account, your tokens will automatically be swapped in the Voyager App at the designated date & time. If you’re based in the U.S. (except NY), we recommend using the auto-swap feature in the app. Create your Voyager Account here.
  2. Web Swap: If you don’t have a Voyager account, are based internationally, and/or are swapping VGX or LGO tokens through the web, we will provide a web portal for the Token Swap that will connect to a web or browser-based wallet app.
  3. Verified Exchange Partners: Voyager will work with verified exchange partners to have them support the Token Swap, and we will announce via email and social media once the exchanges confirm participation in the swap.

When Will the Token Swap Take Place?

Voyager is still working on finalizing our plans for the Token Swap. The smart contract is currently in audit finalization. Once complete, we will announce our token swap timeline as well as update the community on exchange support for the token swap.

Community Governance

Voyager will allow the Voyager Community to vote on the future of the token, from future marketing allocation pools to interest rates on the token, after the third year.

Voyager is very excited about debuting our new Token Model and seeing our community rise through the Loyalty Program’s ranks. We also look forward to welcoming and uniting the Voyager & LGO Token community. We are committed to providing value to our token holders, growing our community, and ensuring that VGX powers and incentivizes true utility on the Voyager platform. The future is bright, and we’ve never been more optimistic and positive about the future of crypto.

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