We are happy to announce the official token swap date and what you can expect leading up to the Voyager Token swap. We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience while we organize all the necessary components for this historic event.

Note: for the sake of simplicity, we refer to the new Voyager Token as VGX 2.0. The ticker for the token will remain VGX post swap.

VGX Token swap timing

The Voyager Token swap will officially take place the week of August 9th. As we get closer to that time frame, we will provide an exact date and window for when the swap will start on Voyager for all customers, in coordination with our exchange partners.

If you hold VGX on the Voyager app, your tokens will be swapped automatically. You will not need to take any additional action to swap your tokens on Voyager.

While the official token swap for Voyager customers takes place on the Voyager app, trading of VGX will be temporarily paused. The in-app token swap may take a matter of hours and trading of the new VGX token will resume once the swap is complete.

VGX web portal

Approximately two weeks before the swap, Voyager will open our web swap portal for international VGX token holders and LGO token holders. The web swap portal will give token holders the ability to swap VGX and LGO tokens to VGX 2.0 and stake the tokens on-chain at 7% APY.

Voyager will keep the web portal open after the official swap is complete on the app to give all token holders time to swap their tokens.

The web swap portal will be available 14 days before the swap and will remain accessible for 30 days in total to allow all token holders to swap their tokens.

Voyager Loyalty Program

The initial roll-out of the Voyager Loyalty Program will happen post-swap at the beginning of September. We are excited to reward our amazing customers with VGX rewards on features such as cashback, interest boosts, and more.

More updates coming soon

We will continue to provide the community with thorough updates and concrete instructions on how the swap will take place, as well as how to utilize the web swap portal as we get closer to the official swap date. We’re excited to have an official date locked in as we count down to lift-off for VGX 2.0.

Stay tuned,
The Voyager Team