The Voyager team is happy to share our progress on the Voyager Token swap, as well as more details on the upcoming launch of our Voyager Loyalty Program.

Smart Contract Audit

The smart contract audit for VGX 2.0 was completed by the industry-leading, gold standard of smart contract audit firms, Quantstamp, and the code for the new smart contract is complete. You can view the official smart contract audit here.

Token Swap Update

It’s absolutely essential to us that we have a smooth, safe, and effortless token swap for the VGX and LGO token holder community. We are finalizing token swap coordination with our partners as we near completion of the swap arrangements with our exchanges and custody providers. We are getting closer every day and extremely hopeful we are done soon.

Once the details are finalized, we will be announcing a formal date of when the token swap will be taking place for the Voyager platform in coordination with our exchange partners.

Preview of Web Swap Portal

A few weeks before the official token swap, where all VGX tokens held in the Voyager app will swap automatically, we will open up our web-based swap portal. This will give LGO and VGX token holders without Voyager accounts the ability to easily swap their tokens via a MetaMask wallet. Voyager will also accept deposits of new VGX leading up to the swap, although trading for new VGX will be available once the official swap is complete.

During the token swap, we will put a very brief and temporary pause on VGX trading until the process is complete. We will turn trading on for VGX 2.0 once the swap is processed for all Voyager customers.

The Voyager team will provide a clear timeline and instructions once the token swap announcement date is set. Voyager will also be releasing a White Paper on the new Voyager Token and Loyalty Program model.

Voyager Loyalty Program

While we’ve been finalizing our token swap logistics, the Voyager team has been working hard on the development effort to bring the Voyager Loyalty Program to the app. Very soon after the token swap is complete, we will be introducing the Voyager Loyalty Program to our community.

The in-app Loyalty Program will include an interactive badge tracking system, so you can easily track how many VGX you’re holding, and what you need to stack in order to reach the next tier of the Loyalty Program.

The app will include your reward tier and its benefits in real-time, so you know exactly what rewards you’re eligible for based on your token holdings. In addition, we will be adding more marketing features with highlight VGX and VLP in the app, including a new feature that stars VGX in the app as a default favorite token for all new and existing Voyager customers.

Here is a preview of how the Voyager Loyalty Program will look in-app.

Stay tuned for additional updates!

We know that our community has been patiently waiting for precise timelines on when the token swap and Loyalty Program will be live and available. Please know that we are closer than ever to our formal announcement of when the token swap will be taking place, and there is tremendous progress happening behind the scenes.