Bank of America files blockchain ATM patent, the lawsuit against Craig Wright moves forward, India may be reversing their ban on crypto, and more this week!


Bank of America Files for Blockchain ‘ATM as a Service’ Patent

Bank of America may be eyeing shared networks of ATMs powered by blockchain tech, according to a newly revealed patent application. Read more.

Japanese Yen Set To Surpass US Dollar In Bitcoin Trading

The U.S. Dollar (USD) and the Japanese Yen (JPY) are the two most dominant national currencies used in Bitcoin/fiat trading. But while the USD has always dominated the market, it appears BTC/JPY may now be on the verge of overtaking the dollar. Read more.

$4 Billion Lawsuit Against Craig Wright Moves Forward as Judge Declines Dismissal Request

A United States court has rejected repeated requests from nChain chief scientist Craig Wright to dismiss a $4 billion lawsuit against him, documents revealed Dec. 27. Read more.

India May Legalize Cryptos But Under ‘Strong’ Rules: Report

The Indian government could possibly legalize cryptocurrencies, but with tough terms and conditions attached, a news report suggests.

According to a New Indian Express article published Wednesday,  an interdisciplinary committee set up by the government to investigate cryptocurrencies, is not in favor of an outright ban. Read more.

Your Bitcoins Are Hidden in the Painting

Marguerite deCourcelle lives at the peculiar intersection of Bitcoin and art. Under the pseudonym @coin_artist, she’s credited with inventing the crypto-art puzzle, a genre of images hiding complicated ciphers that reward the first solver with a walletful of virtual currency. Read more.

Africa Conducts Over 17,000 Peer-to-Peer Trades Per Day Using Gift Cards

Paxful, the peer-to-peer alternative to LocalBitcoins, has reported to CCN that over 17,000 peer-to-peer trades per day take place in Africa using their platform. Read more.

National Bank of Kuwait Launches Ripple-Based Cross-Border Payments Product

The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has launched a cross-border remittance product based on RippleNet’s blockchain technology, according to an announcement published Dec. 27. Read more.

Corporate Blockchain Adoption Reaches 44%, Says Survey

Indian telecoms giant Tata Communications named the key barriers to blockchain adoption for businesses globally, in a survey published Dec. 12.

Part of a survey on emerging sectors — dubbed ‘The Cycle of Progress’ — Tata’s report noted concerns around costs, security and privacy as the “key adoption barriers for business decision makers” considering the implementation of new technologies. Read more.