This week Bill Clinton talks crypto, a New York City multi-million dollar listing is tokenized, IBM continues to dominate blockchain technology, and more!

Market Cap: Top 10 Currencies

The top 10 currencies combined market caps have lost -1.53% over the last seven days. (Currencies included this analysis: ADA, BCH, BTC, EOS, ETH, LTC, USDT, XLM, XMR, XRP)

Market Cap: Top 100 Currencies

The top 100 currencies as a group have also remained fairly stable, with little movement up or down. Over the last 7 days these currencies are down -1.48% as a group.

Share of Market Cap: Ripple

Ripple is struggling to hold onto gains made late last month. Despite sell-off, the crypto asset is still up nearly 40% since mid-September.


World's Fifth Largest Airline Firm Explores Blockchain to Cut Costs for Customers

Air France-KLM partners with blockchain travel ecosystem Winding Tree to explore ways of cutting costs for flyers

Sonia Barriere, the executive vice president for Strategy and Innovation at Air France-KLM, thinks that blockchain will "revolutionize exchanges within the travel industry" both for customers and companies. Read more.

A $30 Million Manhattan Condo Was Just Tokenized on Public Ethereum Blockchain

Manhattan’s first major asset to be tokenized on the blockchain is a luxury condo recently valued at $30 million.

The East Village building contains 12 condos, each with 1700 square feet of space and each now tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain. The real estate property is now represented with a sum of tokens available for purchase on the blockchain. A token represents a portion of the value of the property, allowing people to invest in luxury condos even with a small investment, something which was previously very difficult if not impossible. Read more.

Singapore's Biggest Shipper Partners IBM in Developing Blockchain for Crucial Trade Paperwork

The e-BL initiative comes a little over a year since PIL together with the Port Authority of Singapore signed a Memorandum of Understanding with IBM with a view of jointly working on proof-of-concept blockchain solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency and security of the supply chain network in the Southeast Asian country. At the time, the CEO of the Port Authority of Singapore, Tan Chong Mong, pointed out that blockchain technology could spur the expansion of global trade. Read more.

Internal French Police Officer Apprehended for Selling State Secrets for Bitcoin

A security officer belonging to the French Intelligence Agency General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI) was arrested last week for selling state secrets on the Dark Web in exchange for bitcoin, reported Le Parisien on October 1, 2018. Read more.

Binance Is the World's Largest Crypto Exchange, Thanks to China

When Binance first started, it was just another cryptocurrency exchange promising users exposure to a variety of cryptocurrency. Come last quarter of 2018; it has become the world's largest exchange by trading volume by following a simple strategy avoiding China. Ironically, the exchange was founded in Hong Kong but has stayed away from the Chinese mainland, focusing instead on territories that readily adopted the cryptocurrency and blockchain revolution. Read more.

IBM Wins Patent for Blockchain-Based Network Security System

A new patent awarded to tech giant IBM highlights how blockchain tech might play a role in monitoring security breaches within computer networks. Read more.

Bitcoin Trading Volumes in Hyperinflation-Struck Venezuela Hits Record Highs

What happened? Cryptocurrency exchange LocalBitcoins recorded a trading volume of 506.3 million VES, shattering the previous record of 175.8 million VES in the process. Many have pointed the finger at the Venezuelan government’s recent economic policies — including the introduction of the new Sovereign Bolivar — which is tied to the country’s infamous Petro cryptocurrency. Both projects have received outright criticism from the international community, with some labeling it as an outright scam — because it probably is one. Read more.

Venezuela’s Bolivar has been in hyperinflation since Nov 2016.

Last week, Bitcoin trading volumes set a record high. CCN is reporting that this week’s Venezuelan volumes will be even higher.

Bitcoin isn’t a Silicon Valley dream. It is the best option for many around the world.— Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) October 1, 2018

US Lawmakers Push for 'Blockchain' Definition in New Congressional Bill

If passed and signed into law, bill H.R. 6913, dubbed the Blockchain Promotion Act of 2018, would create a working group to study the technology and create a common definition for the purposes of government. Read more.

Ripple Debuts XRP-Based Cryptocurrency Product for International Payments

Ripple on Monday debuted a new financial product based on XRP, the world’s third-most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization next to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The service, called “XRapid,” is designed to enable financial firms and other organizations to make quicker and cheaper international payments. Read more.

Ripple’s Swell conference: Bill Clinton says, the potential of blockchain technology is very high

The former president of the United States of America, Bill Clinton gave his insights about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology at Ripple’s Swell conference. He did so while referring to his time of presidency, drawing anecdotes from the emergence of the internet. Read more.