Crypto job opportunities soar, MasterCard nabs new blockchain patent, you can now buy Elon Musk’s flamethrower with Bitcoin, and more!

Market Cap: Top 10 Currencies

This week started with a surge from the top 10 crypto assets. A fake story announced that Binance was delisting Tether which caused investors to sell and buy Bitcoin and other currencies. This was followed by a sharp decline midweek. At press time, the top 10 crypto assets recovered much of their losses with their total market cap sitting at about $203 B.

Market Cap: Top 100 Currencies

The top 100 crypto assets market cap remained fairly stable over the last 3 days, ending the week down only -.59%.


Apple Pioneer Steve Wozniak Has Co-Founded a Blockchain Investment Firm

Steve Wozniak, the tech entrepreneur best known as the co-founder of Apple, has joined EQUI Global, a venture capital fund built using blockchain technology, as a co-founder.

In a Medium post published by the company, Wozniak said that he will scout for technology companies to find the “tech stars” of the future. He also said that he receives innovative pitches regularly; however, this is the first time, after Apple, that he has agreed to join a company. Wozniak added that he believes technology has the power to modify and improve businesses. EQUI Global not only caught his attention but also convinced him that it would prove to be a “game changer.” Read more.

Goldman Wades Deeper in Crypto, Betting on BitGo With Billionaire Mike Novogratz

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and a venture founded by one of its former partners, billionaire Mike Novogratz, are investing in cryptocurrency custodian BitGo Holdings Inc., as the bank’s deep-pocketed clients keep asking about secure ways to hold those assets. Read more.

U.S. Marshals to Auction Off $4.3 Million in Bitcoin

The U.S. Marshals agency has announced plans to auction $4.3 million worth of bitcoin (BTC) in November 2018. The sealed bid auction is for nearly 660 bitcoins which were seized in a series of federal criminal, administrative and civil cases over the years. Read more.

Bitcoin Futures Trading Volume Went up 41% in Q3, CME Reveals

The average daily trading volume (ADV) of bitcoin futures contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) went up by 41% in the third quarter of this year, according to data from the exchange itself.

The data, published via Twitter, shows over 5,000 contacts (25,000 BTC) were traded, while adding that open interest (OI) the amount of open contracts has risen by 19% this quarter as the number of open contracts is of 2,870. Read more.

Elon Musk's Not a Flamethrower Can Now be Purchased Through Crypto Payments

In case any of you were looking for the right time to buy, the Boring Company, headed by Elon Musk, is now accepting cryptocurrency payments for the sale of its Not a Flamethrower. Musk publicly described the legal restrictions preventing the company from selling an actual flamethrower on his now infamous episode of the Joe Rogan podcast. But rest assured, the fully functional not a flamethrower can now be purchased for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. The flamethrower s retail price has dropped down to $500 from its $600 pre-sale price. Read more.

Tron Reveals Partnership With Baidu

Tron, a blockchain startup trying to decentralize the internet has announced its partnership with China s largest Internet search provider Baidu. Tron and Baidu will collaborate on cloud computing plans, according to an official tweet from the TRON Foundation. Read more.

Why Mastercard's Multi-Blockchain Might Be a New Step in the Patent Race

On October 9, American financial services giant Mastercard was granted a patent for a method to partition a blockchain so that it can store multiple transaction types and formats. The filing published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) reveals the details of the new system — not the first of the kind for Mastercard. Read more.

Crypto Job Opportunities Hit Record Levels, Despite Market Downturn

Despite the cryptocurrency market s downturn this year, that saw most cryptocurrencies drop significantly from their all-time highs, research shows job opportunities in the sector have hit record levels as organizations are increasingly looking for talent.

According to an analysis made by Glassdoor, a website where employees can share information on their current and former employers and companies can find talent, crypto job opportunities have in fact been growing throughout the bearish trend. Read more.