When we started this journey our goal was simple: create the crypto trading platform that investors deserve.

We saw that the crypto industry, while unique and revolutionary, was lacking the fundamentals investors had become accustomed to in the traditional equities space. Liquidity, security, speed, pricing, and access were just a few of the insufficiencies plaguing the market.

Nearly a year ago we set out to create a product that solved these issues. Today, we’re proud to deliver just that and more.

We've built a powerful app that allows customers to trade 20 crypto assets commission-free, across more than a dozen top exchanges. Get Voyager today!

Keep reading for details on the app and what Voyager is bringing to the market.

A Smart Order Router

By connecting to over a dozen of the most trusted and secure crypto exchanges, our smart order router offers investors wider access to the market, competitive prices on their trades and faster, more reliable execution. Our state of the art router is continuously monitoring the crypto market and always knows where to achieve best execution, even if that means filling an order fractionally across multiple exchanges. It processes data in real-time and executes orders within seconds of a customer placing a trade.

We’re proud to report that Voyager achieves price improvement on nearly 90% of all orders. That means you save more when you trade with Voyager.

Not to mention, we’re commission-free!

Building the Largest Crypto Market Access Point

Voyager's smart order router gives you access to multiple crypto exchanges with the single push of a button. By doing this we’ve brought something that’s never been done before to the crypto market –– best execution.

Today, you can trade 18+ crypto assets commission-free, directly from your bank account. We will continue adding new coins to give you even more access this exciting asset class.

Learn more about the crypto assets we support here.

A Full Service Crypto Destination

Voyager meets all of your crypto needs in one app. Track and manage a diverse portfolio of crypto assets without opening multiple exchange accounts, leverage advanced data and interactive charts to increase your trading power, and follow the latest market-moving headlines with Voyager’s live news feed.

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Trading on the Voyager App is currently available to all US residents, excluding New York state. Voyager is working with regulators to obtain a BitLicense to offer trading to New York residents as soon as possible.  Learn more about where we’re available.