It’s hard to believe, but there was a time when people got lost and couldn’t Google where they were. In fact, it was about 20 years ago that Google was even invented. Then, just a search engine—now, a well-known verb.

The evolution of the internet and the evolution of crypto rhyme in just about every way. Let’s take a look at the two transformative technologies stacked up side by side.

Internet and Crypto running the same race

Source: "Internet Evolution: A Timeline History of the Network" and "A Cryptocurrency Timeline: From eCash to Ethereum"

Making a difference

Thanks to the advent of the internet, we have crypto, and, thanks to crypto, we continue to further initiatives that the internet started.


The internet brought accessibility of commerce, education, social media, and more to a global user base. Similarly, crypto is completely global, and the blockchain has millions of use cases that bring opportunity to all who use it.


In the same way that the internet brought education to those who were unschooled, crypto brings financial opportunities to those who are unbanked. Just like the internet, crypto is for everyone and is just as easy to get your hands on.


Imagine being able to walk into an apartment you want to buy, tap a button on your phone, and own it, just like that. No paperwork, no middlemen, no banks. Through the power of smart contracts and DeFi networks, crypto allows for the same level of ease that you experience with things like Apple Pay.

Looking to the future

The scope of opportunity that crypto builds extends far past the financial sector. While the government may be focusing on the mainstream financial integration of crypto, others are working to drive adoption through art, entertainment, business, gaming, and fashion. Over the past year, crypto developed use cases spanning anywhere from being an equalizer in the Hollywood film industry to becoming a crucial source of financial aid in third-world countries and regions under political duress.

Not to mention that crypto’s advent occurred a little over a decade ago. When you compare this to how far the internet has come over the last 50 years, the possibilities seem endless. There are currently more NFTs on OpenSea than there were websites on the internet in 2010. Crypto is nowhere close to exhibiting its full potential.

Just getting started in crypto?

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