2021 was a weird one. In case your brain is in a time warp, it had everything from a mega-fight to settle who the true "Josh" was to a billionaire space race. And the financial news was just as jaw-dropping, with the CPI inflating by a record-breaking 6.8%, begging the question, what can we do to set ourselves up for financial success in 2022?

Enter crypto. Not just internet meme money, crypto is poised for a revolutionary 2022, and now is the perfect time for you to learn the ropes and jump in.

Crypto: a catalyst for change

Crypto brings a level of change to our economy that rivals the early years of the internet. It is disruptive in all the best ways, stirring up discourse everywhere from the family table to the floors of the White House. But most importantly, crypto is revolutionizing finance, and here’s how:


Crypto is for the people, by the people. The flexibility of blockchain trading reflects a new era of individual control over the market. There are no market breakers, no open and close times, no borders—trade and transfer crypto whenever you want, to wherever you want, instantly.


Historically, many financial tools were reserved or gate-kept for the wealthy few who could buy their way in to access. Crypto levels the playing field by making financial tools like lending, borrowing, partial investing, and more available to everyone, no matter what economic bracket they inhabit.


Crypto is completely digital, with all assets living on the blockchain, so there’s no need for paper money or bank visits. This also makes it available for everyone with an internet connection across the globe.

How crypto changes lives every day

The crypto movement does more than just make people money, it builds opportunities where they didn’t exist before. Stablecoins help balance economies in third-world countries. Blockchain anonymity allows for safe communication for groups in countries where oppression is rampant. People who never would have had the means to access crucial financial outlets can now obtain loans to buy homes, start businesses, and build better lives. Crypto gives everyone a chance at building inter-generational wealth.

Crypto in 2022

Crypto advanced dramatically over the course of 2021, finding its way into discussions in homes and governments across the globe. The world recognized the crypto market as a whole, catalyzing a market renaissance similar to that of 2009 when Bitcoin was invented. As a result, the mainstream economy is now adapting to the digital financial future by introducing ETFs, crypto payment options, and advisory programs.

2021 was all about building the foundation for crypto take-off in the mainstream market. It stands to reason that 2022 will hopefully bring more innovation, more sound regulation, and positive growth. With an optimistic roadmap, you can end your year on a high note and start the next one with the promise of something more.

Your new beginning starts here

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