The time has come! As promised, we've begun depositing eligible referral and sign up bonuses into approved accounts.

The Voyager app can be downloaded in the US and trading is available in #supportedStatesByName# If you're in one of our approved states, you can download the Voyager app and create an official account today to claim any eligible Bitcoin rewards you've earned. All rewards will be deposited within 30 days of account opening. The sooner you create an account, the sooner you'll get your free BTC!

Not in an approved state or an Android user? Don't worry. We'll hold your rewards for you until we're live in your area and on your operating system.

Keep reading for answers to your most pressing questions:

Why do I have pending credits?

Rewards will remain pending until trading is supported in your state and you and your eligible referrals have opened an account.  On your Referral Dashboard, you will see a Details section where you can track how many rewards have been credited (next to “Your Referral Bonus”).

How can I check how many of my referrals have signed up?

You can view how many people signed up under your referral link by checking your referral dashboard. Your dashboard link can be found at the bottom of our regular emails, or in the original email we sent that contained your referral link.

I downloaded the Voyager app 30 days ago but still haven’t received my rewards, why is that?

Is trading currently supported in your state? If not, you have registered as a user and are one step closer to receiving your eligible rewards. As soon as trading is supported in your state, you will be able to open your Voyager account and all eligible rewards will be deposited to your account within 30 days of account verification.

Remember, both you and your referred friends must create valid Voyager accounts to receive Bitcoin credit.

I received the BTC credits. How can I withdraw my rewards?

For rewards deposited to your account, there is a 60-day hold. During the 60-day hold, you are free to trade the BTC within the Voyager app.

To withdraw to your bank account after the 60-day holding period, go to ACCOUNT in the app (the person icon in the upper left-hand corner). Select Transfer Funds. This will default to Deposit, please select switch arrows to change the selection to Withdraw Funds. Input the amount of funds to be transferred and Slide to Transfer. The transaction will be submitted to the selected bank for processing.

We currently do not have crypto withdrawals or deposits enabled, but are developing a solution with Ethos to enable this as soon as possible.

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