We are excited to introduce Recurring Buys to the Voyager platform. With this new feature, customers can automatically invest in crypto without the stress of timing the market!

By setting a dollar amount and a time frame (daily/weekly/monthly and bi-monthly), investors can take advantage of dollar cost averaging, an investment strategy that lets you steadily increase your portfolio while hedging market risk.

Instead of trying to outsmart the volatile crypto market, you can consistently buy more crypto at a lower price – without letting emotion rule your investment strategy.

How to Set a Recurring Buy:

  1. Navigate to your Account page in the Voyager app and select "Recurring Buys."
  2. Select "Add a recurring buy" and chose any of the 50+ assets listed on Voyager.
  3. Input the dollar amount you want to invest, the frequency, and the bank account you want us to withdraw your recurring buy from.
  4. Slide to schedule your recurring buy and confirm your order!

Once your buy is scheduled, we'll automatically execute your order for you on your specified date and time. To edit a recurring buy, open your scheduled buy ticket and either select "Pause" or "Delete."