We realize this is a challenging time for everyone and wish the best for anyone affected by the coronavirus. Fear and uncertainty have impacted the global markets, causing stock prices to drop precipitously and bond yields to reach new lows. In light of the tremendous market volatility, I want to take a moment to address customer concerns and offer some perspective and reassurance.

I’ve been in the financial services industry for more than 25 years. In that time, I’ve seen wars, terrorist attacks, recessions, and pandemics. True, this virus is frightening, but tremendous volatility and market sell-offs during times of crisis are to be expected. Let me assure you - Voyager has robust business continuity protocols in place and our team is well equipped to handle this outbreak, regardless of its severity. While disease outbreaks often weigh on global markets in the short-term, their impact fades over time. Growth will again resume and crypto is no exception. In Bitcoin’s short lifespan, it’s experienced its fair share of volatility. Over time though, its value continues to grow.

What is most important are our actions during these downturns. Voyager is committed to maintaining a steady course to ensure long-term growth. As of now, central banks and government agencies are monitoring the situation closely and developing responses to support the global economy. Voyager is no exception. Our senior team is closely monitoring the markets and we have developed a robust technical infrastructure and systems to ensure trade execution, settlement and delivery of your digital assets, no matter the market condition. Recently, there has been growing concern due to various brokerages and trading services experiencing system outages. At Voyager, our systems are designed to work with multiple crypto exchanges, and because of this, we have not experienced the service interruptions that have been reported by other companies in recent weeks.

Market sell-offs cause emotions to run high and later, many people regret the impulsive reactions they cannot now correct. Based on my experience, I suggest keeping a long-term perspective and staying the course. Over time, I believe the markets will recover the same way they have following other times of crisis. Remember, stick to the fundamentals and never let fear drive your investment decisions. Always prepare, never panic. At Voyager, that’s our mantra and it’s how we run our business.

As always, we thank you for trusting us with your digital assets and your business. Voyager will continue to grow as we take all of the necessary precautions to protect the health of our team and our operations. We are well-positioned to help our customers grow their assets and reach their investment goals, no matter what market conditions may be.

Stay compassionate & healthy!

Steve Ehrlich
CEO of Voyager