At the heart of Voyager is a growing customer support team that’s making moves with your crypto journey in mind. They know crypto can and should be simple.

With our customer growth skyrocketing, here’s how Voyager Support is evolving to make sure we always have your back:

More of you means more of us

At the beginning of 2021, Voyager Support was comprised of just a few people. Over the past year, we grew over 400%, adding trained specialists across the United States who are located in every time zone. The more our user base grows, the more our team continues to expand in size, knowledge, and capabilities.

More cutting edge technology

We stepped up our tech to make engaging with Voyager support simple.

Finding our zen

We upgraded to ZenDesk in 2021 to simplify the ticket process for our users and our team. Through Zendesk, Voyager Support is able to accommodate thousands of inquiries daily while still making it easy for users to submit requests.

Have you met Val?

Val is our newest addition to the Voyager Support team. Living in the Voyager app and on the Voyager Support homepage, Val is our smart and intuitive chatbot who can help you find the answers you seek and/or direct you to the best place to solve your problem.

In the past few months, Val has answered over 500,000 questions from over 200,000 Voyagers, and resolved 60% of these questions without ever needing to open a ticket. In a pinch, you can depend on Val for fast results.

To summon Val, tap the purple bubble on the lower right of the Help screen in-app. If they don’t understand the question you’re asking at first, try rephrasing your question. Also, try to keep questions succinct and straightforward. If Val can’t answer your question, they’ll open a support ticket for you to find a member of our team who can.

More ways to contact Voyager support

Our team is here to help you with any app or account-related inquiries. From questions about crypto transfers to questions about cash withdrawals or the Voyager Earn Program, we’ve got you. Below are some tips to expedite the process and ensure you’re giving the team everything they need to help you out.

Find answers in-app and online

You can contact Voyager Support from any device. If you’re on a desktop, go to the Support homepage. If you’re on your mobile device, head to the app and tap the Account symbol on the far right side of the navigation bar. Once you’re on the Account page, tap Help. Here you’ll see FAQs, Terms of Use, and our User Agreement. You’ll also see a small purple bubble with a question mark at the bottom right of the screen. Tap that to speak to Val.

For quick queries, try FAQ's

For immediate answers to general inquiries, check out our Help Center FAQs. Click on or search any topic to see specific answers to your fundamental Voyager questions.

We're here when you need help

Sometimes you have an issue that FAQs can’t solve. When this happens, you can contact our team directly by opening a Support Request.

How to submit a support request in 5 easy steps:

  1. Head to the Support homepage, then follow the link at the bottom of the page to Submit a Request to the team. This will direct you to our submission form.
  2. Enter the email address associated with your Voyager account (we’ll need it before we can share any information with you regarding your account).
  3. Tell us what we can help you with by choosing a category in the dropdown that best applies to your inquiry. Make sure you’re choosing the right category for your needs, otherwise your request will end up with the wrong team and may take more time to be resolved. Note: based on the category you choose, you might be asked to provide an Order ID or Transaction Hash, both of which can be found in the transactions on your Account page in the app.
  4. Fill out the topic of your request and give us the breakdown in the description box. You can even add a screenshot for maximum clarity or if it’s just easier to show us what’s happening. Just make sure, in the interest of your security, that you don’t add any personal or sensitive information in the description section (for example: your social security number or bank routing number).
  5. Click submit to send your request to the team.

Once you submit your request, it’ll immediately enter the queue and a member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Make sure you only open one ticket per issue. If something changes and you need to give us more details, you can add them to the existing ticket you submitted by replying to the email you received with your ticket number. Also, please note that our Support Team does not receive email requests, so using this form is key to getting your problem resolved.

More to come

Voyager Support is just getting started. We’re still growing, still advancing, and still learning every day from all of you. We appreciate the patience you’ve shown our team over the last year as we’ve continued to scale.

Stay tuned for more updates on and from our Voyager Support team.