After years of development and growth, Bitcoin and crypto’s self-fulfilling prophecy of mass adoption and widespread financial disruption has kicked into full gear, causing the price to skyrocket above $13,000 and add $17 Billion to its Market Cap (CryptoPotato).

This week PayPal announced that it will be offering a crypto solution in the very near future to U.S. customers, allowing them to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash & Litecoin, as well as use the popular digital assets for payments.

Following the footsteps of Square of offering its customers the ability to buy and sell Bitcoin and investing $50 Million of its cash reserves into Bitcoin (Forbes), PayPal will introduce its own crypto service to their 300-Million+ customers.

The writing is on the wall - if you’re a modern fintech app or service provider in 2020, you can either embrace Bitcoin and crypto or face obsolescence by your competitors who do. PayPal made the right choice, causing its stock to hit all-time highs (CoinTelegraph).

Major fintech companies and financial institutions offering crypto to their established customers is a trend which many forecasted but is now finally a reality occurring in real-time, and we anticipate it’s actually just the beginning and countless others will join this revolution in finance.

At Voyager, we’re very excited about these major developments, because we believe it vastly expands the market interest and initial exposure to cryptocurrencies. As new people around the U.S. and the world look at crypto, they’ll soon discover that there is a much better solution available.

We’re a customer-first company at Voyager- offering the widest range of digital assets at 50+ by any agency broker, and offering irresistible compounding interest rates of up to 9.5% interest APR. We pass off the benefits of cryptocurrencies directly to our customers, putting the power of financial freedom back into their hands.

This week, Voyager announced our merger and acquisition with LGO (Press Release), a French crypto exchange serving institutional investors, and the news spread like wildfire. This gives us the power to take control of their Regulated French Entity, and accelerate our expansion into European markets in a regulated and compliant fashion (CoinDesk).

Also included in the deal is a rare model of a token merger into a new token, which will include decentralized finance features like community governance, advanced utility including staking with an initial 7% interest, cashback rewards on trading on the Voyager platform, debit card benefits, interest boosters, reduction of withdrawal fees, and more, all on a global basis.

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin have taken center stage, and the rise of mass adoption is upon us.

Top Market Movers

  • Voyager Token (VGX) +31%
  • Litecoin (LTC) +17%
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM) + 16%
  • VeChain (VET) +15%

Former NBA Star Tracy McGrady is Voyager's Newest Key Advisor

This week we announced our partnership with NBA Hall of Fame member Tracy McGrady. Since retiring from the NBA, McGrady has become passionate about finance, investments, and enlightening others about how to grow their wealth. A big reason he loves Voyager and joined the team is because of our interest program, specifically the 8.5% interest APR we offer on USDC, which is basically a digital U.S. dollar.

As Voyager’s advisor, McGrady will work to educate others on what Voyager offers and the ability to earn irresistible Interest rates, which beat any traditional bank. Together, we have partnered to give away $2-million to new Voyager customers to help them kick-start their crypto journey.

New users that sign up and complete their account creation will receive $5 FREE in USDC with promo code TMAC.

Voyager x TMAC - Get the App:
Use Reward Code: TMAC

Second Episode of The Golden Record Broadcast

The second broadcast of The Golden Record will be recording LIVE on Wednesday, 10/28/20 at 12:30 PM EST. Hosts Charlie Shrem and Voyager CEO Steve Ehrlich, will continue to give viewers a deep dive into the current economy, discuss recent crypto news, and what’s in store for Voyager!

Make sure to tune in LIVE through our Twitter and use #TheGoldenRecord to let us know what you are most looking forward to hearing about in the next episode.

Did you miss the first broadcast of The Golden Record? No problem, you can still watch a recording of the episode right here.

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