Community and loyalty are the foundation of who we are. Our main priority is to enrich each Voyager’s experience in as many ways as we can.

It’s time to bring the benefits of Voyager loyalty to many more as we grow and deepen a community based on crypto for all.

Read on and learn more about a series of important upgrades and additions to the Voyager Loyalty Program that will be rolling out incrementally over the next several months.

Loyalty for all

We want to give as many people as possible access to outstanding rewards. That’s why we will be introducing three new tiers.

First, Maverick, a base tier starting at 100 VGX which makes it easier to join the community and start earning rewards.

Next, Pioneer, a premium tier starting at 10,000 VGX. We heard from the community and answered with a tier to reward a key group of members between Explorer and Navigator.

Lastly, Navigator+, a new top tier starting at 50,000 VGX. The best rewards and the best experiences for those who strive to reach the top.

Meet the newest features

Every member is in the 1% club

Preferred annual in-kind reward rates on BTC, ETH, and more coins, up to 1% higher than base rates. Plus, based on your tier, you’ll continue to unlock additional annual % boosts up to an additional 1.75%, paid in VGX.

*Rates and eligible assets are subject to change.

Earn your way in

We’re introducing a more inclusive program that rewards you with VGX for everyday actions like setting up direct deposit, completing multiple recurring buys, swiping your debit card for the first time, and more.

This will make it easier than ever to earn your way into a new loyalty tier.

More crypto back on trades

Crypto back on price improvements makes Voyager one of the most competitive places to trade crypto. Depending on your tier, you can earn anywhere from 1x to 8x rewards on price improvement for every trade you make.

Swipe your debit card, stack VGX

Earn up to 3% crypto back rewards when you swipe with your Voyager Debit Card.* Accepted at over 30 million locations world-wide, you can stack VGX no matter where you go.

*Subject to monthly and other limits. Excludes ACH transactions.

Priority and dedicated support

Depending on your tier, you’ll gain access to priority support which means faster response times on support requests both through tickets and live messaging. Navigator+ will have access to a one-to-one dedicated account manager for all your support needs.

Refer-a-friend got a big upgrade

Spread the word and earn big. We upgraded our refer-a-friend program, so you can earn up to $100 VGX for each friend you refer. As we introduce Navigator+, you’ll be able to earn up to $125 for each friend you refer.

The best part? There are no limits to the number of people you refer to Voyager.

To make it even easier to refer, we will roll out customizable referral codes for all loyalty members. Pick your code so it’s easy to remember and easy to share.

Introducing education and exclusives

Every member of the loyalty program will have access to learn from crypto and finance experts in keynote live events.

Depending on your tier, you will have access to in-person events, get exclusive access to NFT drops, and more.

Revamped VGX utility and tokenomics

We cooked up some new ways to burn, spend, and use VGX.

Burn to earn

Members will be able to spend and burn VGX to unlock extra rewards, NFTs, gain early access to product launches, events, and more.

Burning withdrawal fees

Starting this month, June 2022, we will burn 50,000 VGX monthly from withdrawal fees, until pay for withdrawal fees in VGX is live.

Giveaways and promotions

Buy tickets with VGX to enter giveaways, grab limited edition NFTS, win prizes, and participate in special promotions, and we’ll burn the VGX.

More to come

And this is just the beginning. Expect more exclusive perks, rewards, and experiences in future loyalty program announcements.