We’re kicking off 2022 with more crypto, more rewards, and more ways to stack on Voyager. Over half of our 70+ assets now offer rewards just for holding, and with rewards boosts and Loyalty Program rewards, the stacking doesn’t stop there.

Welcome crowd favorites Solana (SOL) and Algorand (ALGO) to the Voyager Earn Program. You can now stack 3% on SOL and 2% on ALGO, as well as up to 12% on assets like Polkadot (DOT), Ethereum (ETH), Terra Luna (LUNA), and more.

See below for January rewards and the required minimum monthly average balances for 36 of our top digital assets.

Asset Reward Min. Monthly Balance
Aave 3.00% 1 AAVE
Cardano 4.50% 100 ADA
Algorand 2.00% 200 ALGO
ApeCoin 2.00% 25 APE
Cosmos 2.00% 20 ATOM
Basic Attention Token 1.00% 300 BAT
Bitcoin Cash 2.00% 0.5 BCH
Bitcoin 4.75% 0.01 BTC*
Celo 3.00% 50 CELO
Compound 3.00% 1 COMP
Dash 3.00% 1.5 DASH
Dogecoin 1.00% 1,000 DOGE
Polkadot 12.00% 20 DOT
EOS 1.00% 50 EOS
Ethereum Classic 1.50% 10 ETC
Ethereum 4.25% 0.5 ETH*
Filecoin 2.00% 3 FIL
The Graph 2.00% 200 GRT
Kyber Network 0.50% 100 KNC
Chainlink 2.50% 10 LINK
Litecoin 3.00% 2 LTC
Terra Luna 4.00% 10 LUNA
Decentraland 0.50% 1,000 MANA
Polygon 5.25% 100 MATIC
OMG Network 0.50% 50 OMG
Orchid 1.00% 500 OXT
Shiba Inu 1.00% 15,000,000 SHIB
Solana 3.00% 3 SOL
StormX 2.00% 5,000 STMX
UMA 1.00% 25 UMA
Uniswap 2.00% 10 UNI
USDC 9.00% 100 USDC
Voyager Token 7.00% 100 VGX
Stellar Lumens 1.00% 1,000 XLM
Tezos 2.00% 50 XTZ
Zcash 1.00% 2 ZEC
0x 1.50% 200 ZRX

Give your rewards a boost

Want to boost your earnings? The Voyager Loyalty Program lets you level up your crypto rewards on certain assets. As of January 1, 2022, depending on your loyalty tier, you can receive an additional 0.5%, 1%, or 1.5% annual rewards boost paid in VGX on your BTC, ETH, and USDC. Stack VGX in the app to start earning.

How it works

With the Voyager Earn Program, you can actively trade crypto and stack earnings simultaneously with no lock-ups. Simply maintain the required minimum monthly average balance of any of our reward-bearing digital assets to participate. Rewards are paid out on assets monthly and deposited directly into your Voyager account. All rewards are per annum.

Voyager users are automatically enrolled in the Voyager Earn Program. You can unenroll by tapping opt-out on the Voyager Earn Program in the Voyager app or by submitting a ticket to our support team.

*Note: Rewards on Bitcoin and Ethereum are available up to 100 BTC and 500 ETH.

Deposit funds to your Voyager account

Ready to start earning crypto? Send cash or crypto to your Voyager account and watch your portfolio grow this month.

  1. Download the Voyager app and open an account.
  2. Go to your Account page by selecting the icon on the far right of the navigator bar on the bottom of your screen.
  3. Select Transfer Cash or Crypto. If you want to transfer USD,  choose Deposit to Voyager Account. To transfer crypto, choose Receive Crypto into Voyager.
  4. Deposit an asset by scanning the QR code on the screen or by copying the unique address at the top of the screen. Be sure you’re on the correct asset deposit page. To deposit cash, select Deposit USD and input the amount you would like to transfer into your Voyager account.
  5. Crypto transfers will be reflected in your Voyager account once the blockchain transaction is confirmed. Start earning rewards.

Voyager Cryptocurrency Risk Disclosure

All digital asset transactions involve risk, and the past performance of a digital asset or other financial product does not guarantee future results or returns. Cryptocurrencies are highly speculative in nature, involve a high degree of risk and can rapidly and significantly decrease in value. It is reasonably possible for the value of Cryptocurrencies to decrease to zero or near zero. While diversification may help spread risk, it does not assure a profit or protect against loss. Traders should consider their objectives and risks carefully before trading. Previous gains may not be representative of the experience of other customers and are not guarantees of future performance or success.