StormX is working to revolutionize the future of work through their mission to improve the lives of workers around the globe. Their microtask marketplace supported by blockchain technology, makes earning simple and easy. With StormX’s increased gamification of, and the integration of blockchain technology to, the app, they are producing "Crypto" for the new gig economy.

As of August 2017, Storm Market participants have access to 187+ countries, 250,000+ monthly active users, and 1 Million+ downloads. StormX envisions an entire decentralized marketplace for tasks – the “Storm Market.” The introduction of the STORM token, an ERC20-compliant token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain, was the first step toward the Storm Market.

With over $32 million worth of StormX Tokens sold during the 2017 Crowdsale, the StormX Token is a premium cryptocurrency reward used to fuel the world’s only blockchain-supported microtask platform.

A Gig Has Never Been This Easy!

Storm Players: Players Get Paid

Make every day payday. With Storm’s apps you can complete quick microtasks to earn Storm, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Dai. Seriously, it’s that simple. Instead of taking surveys on social media that tell you which 90s sitcom character you are, get paid for your downtime by completing surveys in StormX.

If you like trying new products and playing games, turn something you like into something you love with StormX where players get paid for their time. Players can also complete tasks to get crypto. Millions of Players have been rewarded over 13 million Storm Tokens, 249 Bitcoins, and 570 Ethereum since 2014. StormX encourages consumers to be a part of the new gig economy and get paid when you want, be a StormX player. Within a few short months, StormShop has now launched for mobile devices, giving users more flexibility for earning on the go. Integrated with the StormX app, millions of our users now have easy access to shop from their phone and earn crypto back at exponentially greater rates.

StormShop: Shoppers Get Paid

With 3 easy steps StormX gives users the ability to earn crypto back when they shop online. The Storm Shop earns shoppers crypto when they shop online with any of the 500+ top brands on the platform. With thousands of online stores available, there's no easier way to earn crypto right now. First users download the chrome extension, then find their favorite stores and checkout normally. Shoppers immediately start earning when stores reward them in crypto after the purchased item’s return period has passed.

StormX Rewards Membership

With the StormX Rewards program, users can earn a variety of benefits depending on their rewards level. Since its inception, StormX has seen over 13k users sign up. Users can earn up to 87.5% crypto back on shopping rewards from stores like eBay, Microsoft, Newegg, GameStop, Groupon, and more!

The StormX Token

In November 2017, Storm introduced the STORM token as an ERC-20 token that will facilitate transactions within an opt-in, secured, gamified marketplace, that will eventually be run by blockchain-based smart contracts. Smart Contracts provide the ability to execute highly secure and reliable tamper-proof digital agreements. In June 2020, STORM token underwent a token swap to the new STMX token. This improved security by removing “god mode” and added staking. There is a fixed supply of 10,000,000,000 StormX Tokens. The official ERC20-compatible wallet for Storm Token, Jaxx, is a safe place for the crypto rewards you get from StormX.

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