The Voyager app has been updated on iOS. If you have automatic updates turned on or have manually updated your app, you should be all set and ready to trade.

For those of you who have yet to update your app or are having trouble accessing your account after the update, we have provided some simple steps below to help you access your account.

Android users, please note the 2.5.19 version has already been approved and updated. All android users should already have received this update.

Tips to ensure your app is up to date

How to update your Voyager app on iOS:

  1. Go to the Voyager app in the Apple App Store > Click here.
  2. Make sure you’re updating your app to version 2.9.19 (noted under What’s New).
  3. Log back in to your Voyager account.

If you are having trouble updating your app to iOS v.2.9.19:

  • Try uninstalling (tap and hold the app icon, then tap the S or Remove) and reinstalling the app here for a complete reset.
  • If you have automatic updates turned on, make sure your phone is plugged in and connected to WiFi.
  • If your app doesn’t automatically update, go to your App Store and manually update it by clicking here.

Additional tips for seamless app updates

Already updated your Voyager app to the latest iOS v.2.9.19 and still experiencing difficulties? Below are some pointers to avoid further issues.

Resetting your password:

  • If you are having trouble resetting your password, make sure you are requesting a password reset to the same email address that is associated with your Voyager account.
  • Also, when entering your new password, be sure it is at least 18 characters to meet the strong security requirement.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

If you are not receiving an SMS 2FA code upon login, here are a few common reasons why:

  • For Authenticator app: if you are using an Authenticator app as your 2-step verification, you will not receive an SMS code to your phone. Please make sure to use the code from your Authenticator app to log in to Voyager.
  • For SMS: Your device's SMS inbox may be full. Please try deleting some messages from your inbox and request a code again.
  • Contact issues: The phone number you used to create your Voyager account is no longer in use. To resolve this issue, please open a support ticket. Please be aware that to ensure the security of Voyager accounts, requests to change personal information undergo a verification process that takes time to complete–you will not get immediate access to your account upon submission of this request.

Duplicate accounts:

If your Portfolio screen no longer shows your assets, then you may have created a duplicate account using an email address that differs from the email address used to set up your original Voyager account. If this is the case, please log out and log back in with the original email address.

Still experiencing issues?

If you are still having trouble accessing your Voyager account after updating your app to iOS v.2.9.19 and consulting the above instructions, please open a ticket with our support team here.