Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)  is available for buying and trading commission-free*, as well as transfer on the Voyager app.

What is OCEAN?

The Ocean Token (OCEAN) is a standard ERC-20 token and can be stored in any wallet with ERC-20 Capabilities. The token is used as a unit of exchange for buying and selling data and AI services.

OCEAN was created by the Ocean Protocol, which is a tokenized service layer that reveals data, storage, compute, and algorithms for use with a set of deterministic proofs on availability and morality that serve as verifiable service agreements. There is staking on services to signal quality, reputation, and avoid Sybil Attacks. Ocean aims to help users unlock data, particularly for AI. It is designed for scale and uses blockchain technology that allows data to be shared and sold in a safe, secure, and unclouded manner.

Ocean Protocol allows data and services to be shared and sold safely by bringing business, technical, and governance frameworks together. Ocean Protocol stores metadata, links to data, provides a licensing framework, and has toolsets for pricing. A multitude of data marketplaces can hook into Ocean Protocol to provide “last mile” services to connect data providers and consumers. The protocol is designed so that data owners cannot be locked-in to any single marketplace. The data owner controls each dataset.

Learn more about Ocean Protocol and the Ocean Token.

How to buy OCEAN on Voyager

1. Get the Voyager app: Available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store, visit and search Voyager or click here to download now.

2. Open a Voyager Trading Account: Fill in your personal information to create a trading account. As a licensed financial institution, know that your personal information is always safe with us.

3. Link your Bank: Link your bank account by navigating to the User Icon on your Market Screen. On your account page, tap Bank Accounts and add your bank.

4. Fund your Voyager Account: To deposit USD, go to your account page and tap Transfer Cash or Crypto, then Deposit to Voyager Account and select USD. Next, enter the amount of USD you'd like to transfer and slide the Slide to Deposit USD banner. Now you can trade instantly.

5. Buy OCEAN: Navigate to the Market Screen scroll until you reach OCEAN and tap to access the Ocean Protocol page, then tap Buy OCEAN. Insert the amount of USD you'd like to spend and slide the Slide to Buy OCEAN purple banner to complete your purchase.

Trading on the Voyager app is currently available to all U.S. residents (excluding New York state). We are actively working with regulators to expand to New York and internationally in the future.

*Additional fees may apply

Voyager Cryptocurrency Risk Disclosure

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