Elrond (EGLD) is now available for buying and trading on the Voyager app. With Voyager, users now have a simple, safe and easy way to buy and invest in Elrond.

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What is Elrond?

Elrond defines itself as “a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases and the new internet economy” (Elrond.com). In other words, Elrond is a blockchain protocol that aims to provide extremely fast transaction speeds by using sharding. This includes fintech, DeFi, and the Internet of Things. The unique thing about Elrond and its main selling point is its high scalability. Elrond says that it is the “first blockchain network in which state, network and transaction sharding have all been implemented. According to its economics paper, it seeks to build up its ecosystem and establish EGLD as a store-of-value asset.” (Coinmarketcap).

Elrond’s native token, eGold, also known as EGLD, is used for paying network fees, staking, and rewarding validators. The native token went live in July of 2020, opening a new phase of growth for the Elrond community. Similar to gold, EGLD is designed to optimize parameters that offer themselves to create a strong store of value. However, EGLD was built to include mechanics and functionality that exceed those of gold. This new economics model was defined to position EGLD as Elrond’s core network token, an essential component to Elrond’s foundation and internal usage.

EGLD was also created and designed for simplicity and mass adoption. In order to achieve their goal of global adoption, Elrond supports developers building on the platform, allowing them to earn 30% of the smart contract fees as royalties.

Click here to learn more about Elrond and EGLD.

Ready to start trading EGLD on Voyager? Download the app and follow the below steps to start now:

How to buy Elrond (EGLD) on Voyager

  1. Get the Voyager app: Available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, visit and search Voyager or click here to download now.
  2. Open a Voyager trading account: Fill in your personal information to create a trading account. As a licensed financial institution, know that your personal information is always safe with us.
  3. Link your bank: Link your bank account by navigating to the User Icon on your Market Screen. On your account page, tap Bank Accounts and add your bank.
  4. Fund your Voyager account: To deposit USD, go to your account page and tap Transfer Cash or Crypto, then Deposit to Voyager Account and select USD. Next, enter the amount of USD you'd like to transfer and slide the Slide to Deposit USD banner. Now you can trade instantly.
  5. Buy EGLD: Navigate to the Market Screen scroll until you reach EGLD and tap to access the Elrond page, then tap Buy EGLD. Insert the amount of USD you'd like to spend and slide the Slide to Buy EGLD purple banner to complete your purchase.

Trading on the Voyager app is currently available to all U.S. residents excluding New York state. We are actively working with regulators to expand to New York and internationally in the future.

Voyager Cryptocurrency Risk Disclosure

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