The Voyager Weekly Round up

If Satoshi Nakamoto and Alexander Hamilton were alive at the same time, what would they say to each other? Tech entrepreneur and investor Reid Hoffman staged an epic rap battle between the first Secretary of the Treasury and the elusive inventor of Bitcoin to find out.

EpicLLOYD takes on the role of Hamilton and Timothy DeLaGhetto as Nakamoto in a six-minute Hamilton the Musical inspired debate on fiat currency, central banking, and decentralized currency.

Donning a powdered wig, Hamilton delivered blows to Nakamoto, calling Bitcoin “unsupported money” and a “get broke quick scheme.” He poetically presented his case for a powerful government-backed monetary system that can assume liability when things go wrong.

Not to be outdone, Nakamoto punched back, painting a vivid picture of an economic revolution that gives the power to the people. His verses knocked banks for high-interest rates and their role in creating economic turmoil across the globe. The crowd went crazy when Nakamoto said, “The banks serve Wall Street, crypto serves all streets.”

A Conversation Starter

Hoffman credits Lin-Manual Miranda as the inspiration for the music video but said his ultimate goal was to ignite a conversation about crypto and its evolving role in global commerce.

At the end of the rap battle, the host Gift of Gab opened the debate to the audience. Viewers left comments for both Hamilton and Nakamoto, but my favorite came from a user who didn’t pick a side. They wrote, “The winner is us, the people because now we have a CHOICE!” And for that, I thank whoever Satoshi Nakamoto is.

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Paxos Launches Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Paxos, the New York-based stablecoin issuer, just launched a gold-backed crypto asset called Pax Gold (PAXG), with each ethereum-based token encapsulating the legal title to a physical bar of gold stored in the Brink’s London vault. Pax Gold has been approved by the New York Department of Financial Services. Read more.

CME Group is Sharing Details on Bitcoin Options that Could Signal an ‘imminent’ Product Launch

CME Group, the Chicago-based exchange giant, is gearing up to add another product to its family of bitcoin derivatives, according to sources familiar with the situation. Read more.

Apple Sees ‘long-term potential’ for Cryptocurrency but isn’t Focused on it Today

As digital payments evolve, where might Apple head next? Jennifer Bailey, vice president at Apple Pay, said the company is “watching” cryptocurrencies, though consumers shouldn’t expect anything soon. Read more.

Justin Sun is Working to Postpone his $4.6 million Lunch with Warren Buffett

The crypto whiz kid who paid $4.6 million to have lunch with Warren Buffett, only to postpone at the last minute, is working to reschedule the charity meal. Read more.

Bitcoin Is Using Less Energy Despite Record Hash Rate, New Data Shows

Data from aggregator Statista accessed on Sept. 5 showed that despite more computing power being dedicated to Bitcoin mining, less electricity is required to fuel it. Read more.

A Bitcoin Treasure Hunt Is Coming to College Campuses This Fall

The game is operated by a small, mysterious company based on a tropical island (figuring out more about the game itself is part of the appeal) and is sponsored by Primitive Ventures and other prominent investors. Eventually, there will be hundreds of cryptographic keys around the world, shrouded in puzzles and riddles, and the first team to compile 400 of the key fragments will be able to claim the prize. Read more.

Dash now Accepted by 1,000 more Merchants and 250 ATMs Globally

Dash is now accepted at an additional 1,000 merchants and 250+ ATMs worldwide, the eponymous company behind the cryptocurrency announced today. Read more.

Twitter CEO takes swipe at Facebook’s Libra

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and longtime Bitcoin supporter, is choosing not to jump on the Libra bandwagon. He toldThe Sydney Morning Herald that Bitcoin is still the internet’s “best bet” for a native currency—rather than a commercial alternative. Read more.

Meet the Brave devs Trying to Take Dogecoin Beyond the Meme

If you don’t get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you think about Dogecoin, you probably have a heart of stone. The truth is, though, that the developers of the world’s cutest cryptocurrency want it to be more than just a Bitcoin-like token featuring the Shiba Inu mascot. Dogecoin’s devs want it to be more than just a meme. Read more.