We’re excited to release Voyager’s 1.1 update, introducing profit & loss tracking and advanced market data features.

What’s profit & loss tracking?

You are now able to track profits and losses of your traded portfolio positions, using the cost basis of your order. Cost basis is the original value of an asset purchased. This value is used to determine your overall profitability (i.e., gains). For example, if you bought a Bitcoin in 2014 for $500 and sold that Bitcoin today for $3,900, your cost basis would be $500, making your total profit $3,400.

To learn more about how we calculate your cost basis, read here.

Profit and loss tracking gives you the ability to make smarter investment decisions. Knowing your position on a trade provides vital insight into how your investment faring and what you can do to optimize your overall strategy. It also gives you the power to decide if you should reinvest your gains and dividends, resulting in lower taxes, or take a profit (as always, we advise you to consult a certified professional accountant when filing taxes).

Keep reading to learn how cost basis is being integrated into the app and the other exciting updates available now.

Portfolio Tracking:

Our advanced portfolio features allow you to track your profits and losses in dollars as well as by total percent for each asset you own.

We make it easy to manage a diverse portfolio by including your asset allocation percentage in both a pie chart and a list. Just scroll to the positions section on your portfolio screen and swipe across to see our new portfolio management features.

Advanced Market Data:

We’ve introduced an array of new market data features in this update. Track Market Cap, 24-hour volume, 24-hour high/ low, and 52-week high/ low of each crypto asset we support directly from the Market page.

Asset Positions:

Now, on our asset detail pages, you can quickly view your position and total returns. Average Price is your average cost basis position, and Total Returns is what you’ve gained since your initial investment (cost basis). Read more about how we calculate these numbers here.

We will continue to implement advance profit and loss tracking features to make filing your crypto taxes easy and straightforward. Click here for more information.

What are you waiting for? Update your Voyager app and unlock 1.1’s exciting new features.

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