Matt Barkley is an NFL Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. He began his football career at the University of Southern California where he gained national recognition and was awarded the CFPA National Performer of the Year Trophy. In 2013, Barkley took his talents to the NFL when he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. Barkley is the father of two sons, John and Jackson, a crypto-advocate, and a Voyager advisor.

Keep reading to find out which assets Barkley is bullish on, his first crypto investment, and more.

Voyager: Your first time – Tell us about when you first decided to invest in crypto?

Matt Barkley: I first bought Ethereum after doing research on the crypto space and hearing a trusted source confidently say it was a solid long-term position. Knowing the investments this source has made in the past made the purchase easy in my mind.

How do you look at your investment in crypto vs other investments that you may manage?

Most of my investments are long plays, including crypto. I make short plays here and there when obvious signals happen, but for the most part, crypto is a long-term hold for me.

We’ve heard that you’re the crypto guru in the locker room. What investing advice do you give your teammates?

I tell them to not invest in anything they don’t know about! I did a ton of research before diving in, and want to make sure they don’t blindly take the advice to make a quick gain. But, I love educating them on the space and how blockchain and crypto are here to stay.

Who was your first crypto-convert?

I got my cousin and my best friend into ETH before it popped in 2017. They say they’ll owe me until eternity!

News just came out that the NFL Players Association partnered with blockchain startup SportsCastr. How do you think blockchain technology and digital tokens could change sports and/or sports viewing?

The decentralized nature of blockchain can help startups and small voices make an impact in the sports space. I’ve heard of trading cards (baseball, football) converting into blockchain products, and it could be a trend. It can definitely help with verification processes and anonymity.

It was reported that the Sacramento Kings were mining Ethereum – have you pitched this to the Bengals ownership team yet?

Not yet, convincing the 49ers would have been much easier!

What do you wish more people understood about crypto? Do you have a crypto myth you’d love to bust?

It’s a market just like any other market. There’s so much fear and deception put out by the media, but crypto and blockchain are here to stay. Don’t be scared by volatility, that’s just more opportunity for gains!

What crypto assets are you bullish on?


What makes Voyager different or special to you?

I love how everything is in one place. For multiple trades or to handle your portfolio, Voyager is a one-stop shop that will get you the best price possible.

Have you always been interested in technology? What other technology sectors are you excited about? What app gets the most love from your thumb?

I’ve been interested in all things tech my whole life! I was always attracted to gadgets and electronics of all types. I think the AI space is very intriguing and will soon dominate our social landscape. Top used apps are probably Twitter/Reddit for news and Airtable for organizing my life. I’m also loving Cameo for connecting with fans!

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