What is crypto?

Cryptocurrencies (or crypto) are digital assets that are traded, bought, and sold on the blockchain—simply said, assets like Bitcoin are digital money.

Who invented crypto?

Crypto started with Bitcoin, invented by an anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakomoto, in 2009.

What can I use crypto for?

So many things—art, business, finance, commerce, and more, and use cases keep growing every day. It’s even legal tender in some countries.

What’s special about the crypto market?

The crypto market is open 24/7, completely global, and you can buy assets in fractions (so, you can buy $10 of a $40K Bitcoin).

Is crypto safe?

Yes, the blockchain is built with security in mind, giving users the ability to protect their funds and maintain ownership.

Can I buy things with crypto?

Yes, many businesses take crypto as a payment option and you can pay in crypto with a swipe thanks to crypto debit cards.

How can I invest in crypto?

Easy, you can get started right here.