The crypto movement is driven by a need for inclusion in the financial space, and gender equality is no exception. The crypto market, like the traditional financial markets, historically exhibits a gap between men and women, with men being more prominent in the space. But that’s all poised to change.

Making crypto a space for women

Our first-ever Crypto Confidence Survey, conducted in December of 2021, revealed that the gender gap is set to narrow in 2022 with 65% of women aiming to get into crypto. We took this discovery as a call to action, citing ways to support women’s growing interest in this revolutionary market. Our first step? Supporting artists who can bring crypto to their community.

Meet Monica Ahanonu

Monica Ahanonu

Monica Ahanonu is an illustrator and well-known artist in the digital space. Ahanonu began her career in 2017, taking the space by storm and commanding collaborations with major names over the course of the last 5 years—Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Netflix, TIME Magazine, and Adidas, just to name a few. Her art continues to make the front pages of renowned publications and mainstream media hubs.

We HODL Together

Behind the bright, welcoming colors and soft shadows of Ahanonu’s enthralling artwork is a message that speaks even louder than the gorgeous primaries popping off the page. Her artwork focuses on both racial and gender inclusion by highlighting major themes through her pieces. A prime example is her recent collaboration with Google to highlight Audre Lorde, civil rights activist and poetic thought leader, on what would have been her 87th birthday. Ahanonu designed the Google Doodle for Lorde, choosing to build the design and messaging around Lorde’s emphasis on equality. “Audre Lorde helped people realize that we all have a lot of issues that bring us together and we can help people take more action toward the greater problems that are facing society.” (Mahanonu)

Women in Crypto

Ahanonu also shed some light on her process in an interview conducted early last year: “I would say I interact with my community through my art by helping them be inspired by something they may have never seen and that kind of maybe hopefully inspires them in some way or opens their mind to something. Even though different people might be experiencing different things…we are kind of all connected,” said Ahanonu. “It’s helpful in making change.” (YouTube)

Monica Ahanonu is driving inclusivity and equality through her art in a way that’s making awareness accessible to everyone. She also uses her art to uplift other POC voices in the space through collaborative projects, such as her most recent collaboration with author Dr. Tamara Pizzoli on her book, Bold Words from Black Women.

Fostering voices for change

We heard Monica Ahanonu’s message loud and clear, so we took action. Voyager was fortunate enough to collaborate with Ahanonu and commission artwork that embodies her deep belief in fostering equality and how she sees this potential in the future of crypto.

“I’m excited that crypto provides an opportunity for women to get involved in an emerging form of investing,” commented Ahanonu. “I think getting women involved early on will help shape this industry in being more equitable for a wider variety of people.”

Crypto Women to the Front

Bridging the gap for the future

This exciting collaboration is just the beginning. Through engaging artists like the brilliant Monica Ahanonu and partnering with teams like the National Women’s Soccer League, Voyager will continue to further its message of inclusion in crypto.

Crypto For All