Bitcoin pizza day is right around the corner and it got us thinking: What would be on a Voyager pizza? We asked our team members to tell us their pizza slice of choice and let’s just say this would be one chaotic pie—and it would definitely be worth 10,000 Bitcoin.

If you want to get to know the Voyager team, this is a great place to start:

🍕 Andres, Gear and Activation Senior Manager

Favorite slice: “Pineapple, jalapeño, and pepperoni.”

🍕 Anne Marie, Senior Product Designer

Favorite slice: “Grandma or Neapolitan.”

🍕 Peter, Associate Creative Director

Favorite slice: “Vegan cheese with a whole bunch of olives. Don’t forget a gross amount of buffalo sauce.”

🍕 Adam, Senior Visual Designer, Brand

Favorite slice: “Soppressata, sun dried tomatoes, topped with fresh basil and a drizzle of hot honey.”

🍕 Steve, CEO and Co-Founder

Favorite slice: “Bacon Meatball from Modern Pizza in New Haven.”

🍕 Dan, Web Developer & UX/UI Designer

Favorite slice: “Grandma”

🍕 Natalie, Head of Digital Marketing

Favorite slice: “Fresh mozz, arugula, prosciutto, fig, hot honey. Neapolitan style crust is a must.

🍕 Amateo, Head of Marketing

Favorite slice: “Pepperoni, ricotta, kalamata olives, and fresh basil.”

🍕 Charlotte, Copywriter

Favorite slice: “Pineapple and really hot hot sauce (and probably ranch—chaos reigns).”

🍕 Svasti, Visual Designer

Favorite slice: “Cheese pizza.”

🍕 Evelyn, Sr. Marketing Project Manager

Favorite slice: “Supreme. With ranch for dippin’.”

🍕 Julia, Senior Marketing Program Manager

Favorite slice: “Formaggio Bianco base topped with truffle oil and drizzled balsamic glaze is the only way to go. Try it as thin-crust too, the crunch makes it that much better.”

🍕 Hannah, Marketing Specialist

Favorite slice: “Penne alla vodka pizza.”

🍕 Pam, CMO

Favorite slice: “Cauliflower crust, classic margherita, lots of red pepper.”

🍕 Jamie, Copywriter

Favorite slice: “Good ol' pepperoni slice.”

🍕 Dana, Senior Visual Designer

Favorite slice: “Just cheese.”

🍕 Evan, CCO

Favorite slice: “A New York pepperoni slice.”

🍕 Ash, CFO

Favorite slice: “Cheese.”

🍕 Marybeth, Executive Assistant

Favorite slice: “Thin crust margherita.”

🍕 Emily, Compliance Team

Favorite slice: “Woodfired pizza with sausage, honey, and pesto”

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