Wednesday, Bitcoin experienced its largest one-day price move since the peak of its bull run in January 2018, hitting a high of $13,748 on Voyager. Its wild run ignited a wave of speculation that BTC was fast-tracking past its all-time high, with some predicting it would even add another zero to its price tag.

On June 26th, another record was broken, Bitcoin futures trading on the CME hit an all-time high trading volume of $1.6 billion and record open interest for Bitcoin contracts of $373 million.

The Libra Effect

A steady upward trend had been developing for months, but many experts credited the announcement of Facebook's cryptocurrency, Libra, for this week's spike.

“One of the largest companies in the world said we believe in cryptocurrencies. [...] If you’re an institutional investor who’s getting close and still worried about investing, it makes you that much more confident,” said Mike Novogratz, founder of Galaxy Digital to CNBC.

Unfortunately, the euphoria was short-lived. Bitcoin lost nearly the same amount it gained in half the time in a flash crash that knocked the wind out of the entire market. BTC fell to almost $10,000, recovering to around $12,000 Friday morning.

The short term price movements of the crypto market can feel pretty catastrophic. Just take a look at Thursday's one-day price chart:

But zoom out a bit, and things aren't so bad. One week,

One month,

and even one year chart...

...look pretty awesome.

Bitcoin is still up more than 150 percent this year. Adoption across the market is exploding. The largest companies in the world are investing in cryptocurrencies and even creating their own.

For example, this year alone, IOTA announced a partnership to integrate with Jaguar Land Rover (Learn more here), IBM unveiled World Wire, a global payments system that connects banks via the Stellar network, and Deloitte announced that it would be launching a “very large” project on the Ethereum blockchain.

Real-world adoption is happening, and that’s why I'm in it for the long haul, but in the short-term, I’ll be trading this volatility!

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