Bitcoin 2022 was a wild ride, and not just for attendees who rode the mechanical bull. Bitcoiners arrived in Miami last week to convene on crypto through open-panel discussions, educational sessions, face-to-face meetings, and a good time. All you had to do was take a right at the LED volcano to find one of the most exciting spots—the Voyager booth.

Top athletes talk crypto

Vic Oladipo, Matt Barkley, and Shawn Thorton visited the Voyager pod to talk to Steve and share their thoughts on crypto.

Thoughts from the pod

The Voyager interview pod was the perfect place to talk crypto with some popular faces. Voyager CEO Steve Ehrlich, CMO Pam Kramer, and Head of Marketing Amateo Ra spoke with members of our community like Tom at Fundstrat, Mikela at Twitter, Jon at Market Rebellion, and more. We also got a chance to speak with crypto YouTubers like Mike Tha Investor (above) and Scott Melker.

Partying with the Voyager family

Voyager Loyalty Program members from around the country joined us poolside to share their crypto journeys. The night was filled with unique stories and lots of suggestions on how to make the Voyager app better. Our Loyalty members are like family, and your input gives us plenty of inspiration to take back to our product team and continue to build an app by Voyagers, for Voyagers.

Crypto women to the front

We said it and you showed it. Thank you to all of the women who spoke to us about their initiatives to bring more women into the world of crypto. Crypto Megan (above) is one leader paving a path forward for women to define their own financial futures and be leaders in the crypto space.

Crypto for all

Crypto is a major change-maker in the lives of people we met last week.We asked what “crypto for all” means to them, and the answer was clear: a level playing field, for anyone, no matter who they are or where they come from.

More to come

We’re already planning more events in the future. Stay tuned, we cannot wait to see you again.