At this pivotal moment in history, economic freedom and independence are more important than ever. The current coronavirus pandemic has caused immense financial instability, and humanity is facing challenges we've never experienced before. As a result, many are looking for reliable solutions to protect their hard-earned wealth and resources.

While precious metals like gold and silver have been the classic value-hedging commodities of choice during times of economic uncertainty, a new digital technology has emerged to join this legacy fleet of shiny metals. Meet Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is an incredibly unique digital store-of-value that has proved its viability in its short life span. Now, just ten years since its inception, it takes center-stage to demonstrate its value and why it's uniquely equipped to shine in these volatile yet hopeful times.

The Seven Pillars of Bitcoin:

  1. Independent:  Bitcoin is independent of government and bank control because transactions require no intermediaries.
  2. Transparent: All transactions take place on a public blockchain ledger.
  3. Anti-Inflationary:  With countries around the world printing trillions of dollars, the risk of hyperinflation is looming. Bitcoin has a fixed supply, making it deflationary by design.
  4. People-Powered: Bitcoin is the largest distributed computing network in the world! Thousands of people and miners power its blockchain 24/7.
  5. Secure: Transactions are final and cannot be returned. Also, you have the power to safely protect and store your assets.
  6. Efficient: Send thousands or millions of dollars digitally around the world in minutes without ever having to touch a dirty-dollar.
  7. Primed for Mass Adoption: Institutions are turning hundreds of millions of dollars into Bitcoin, and new retail customers are swarming to Voyager to buy Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin becoming increasingly scarce, we expect the demand to far outpace the supply in the coming months and years, creating the opportunity for Bitcoin to break all-time-highs, and cement itself as a unique and powerful economic force.

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