Here’s what to expect when filing your Voyager crypto trades this tax season.

With the 2022 tax season almost here, Voyager is again partnering with CoinLedger to provide you with your crypto transaction details and more.

To access your Voyager transaction information through July 4, 2022 via CoinLedger:

  • Sign-in to your CoinLedger account or create a new CoinLedger account if you don’t have one already. Please use the same email address that you use for your Voyager account.
  • Follow the on-screen steps to link your CoinLedger and Voyager accounts and see your entire transaction history. As a Voyager customer, viewing, exporting, and downloading a CSV file of your transaction history is free.
  • You can also generate and download specific state and federal tax forms for your 2022 filing from CoinLedger’s “Tax Dashboard.” Pricing is based on your transaction history from Voyager and other connected crypto accounts. As a Voyager customer, you will receive a 10% discount.

Voyager cannot provide you with tax advice and the company’s reorganization raises certain tax complexities.  While we cannot be entirely certain, we believe that (a) the company’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing should not affect your tax obligations, and (b) because your crypto claim has not yet been adjudicated, it is our understanding that you likely cannot use the company’s bankruptcy to claim a loss with respect to any cryptocurrency you deposited on the Voyager platform.  You are highly encouraged to obtain independent tax advice.

Below are answers to some common questions. As always, for information on your individual tax situation please contact a tax advisor.


Is there a fee to use CoinLedger?

Viewing, exporting, and downloading your transaction history is free. You may also choose to select one of CoinLedger’s paid plans, which allow you to download auto-generated state and federal tax forms from CoinLedger’s “Tax Dashboard.” Pricing for paid plans is based on the number of “billable transactions” conducted this year. (Billable transactions include purchases, sales and trades of crypto; taxable income transactions like mining, airdrops and rewards; and outgoing transactions such as payments and gifts of crypto.) Voyager users receive a 10% discount on paid plans.

Do I have to report crypto trades? How do I know if I owe taxes on them?

Voyager cannot provide you with tax advice, and you remain solely responsible for complying with any reporting and/or tax obligation.  CoinLedger’s guide to how cryptocurrency is taxed has information that may be helpful to you, though that information does not specifically take account of Voyager’s Chapter 11 filing. For additional information, including guidance specific to your financial situation, please consult a qualified tax advisor.

How do I view my transaction details on CoinLedger?

Once you’re logged in to your CoinLedger account, follow the on-screen steps to link your CoinLedger and Voyager accounts, and your transaction history will be available and ready to be exported as a CSV file to use in reporting transactions for tax purposes.

Will I get a Form-1099 from Voyager?

For those who receive 1099s, they will be sent out in early 2023.

Do I have to use CoinLedger?

No. There’s no obligation to use CoinLedger. You can use different tax software or manually gather your Voyager transaction history to prepare your tax filings. If you are using another provider, like CoinTracker or Koinly, you may need to format your transactions from CoinLedger to upload for that provider.  Follow the instructions provided by them on how to do this.

Who do I contact if I am having issues using CoinLedger?

Please contact [email protected] with specific questions regarding CoinLedger services.